Hello. I’m Y.T. Sarah. I have been calling myself Y.T. for years before I heard that it was an internet abbrev. for YouTube or White (but the latter applies to me too). Y.T. stands for Yours Truly. No comma.

I’m writing this blog to hone my personal-public writing, as a tool for good and a way of being. I need to practice writing simply, with strength and purpose, if I want to wield words in solidarity with my siblings of the world and fight oppression. Lofty, and not the most defined aspiration, I know. But I believe in aspirations in and of themselves. They’re the plans behind the more-defined plans. They’re the visions of what should be.

I expect to make mistakes, struggle with what to write, and even feel scared. The point is to work through all of that and keep going.

I do this via a public blog to a) hold myself accountable to the internet-public for what all I write;  b) feel pressure to clearly articulate my ideas to an audience besides myself and my loved ones. Someday, many folks will read this, I hope.

Starting this blog was my most clearly defined response to that same, late call to action many of us here in the U.S. heard in 2016: us electing DT. From the safety of my privilege (and the shouldn’t-be-a-privilege of my safety), it’s taken me this long. I am sorry.

I guess I was scared of something. Maybe of not having anything meaningful or powerful to say – or of thinking of myself as not a meaningful or powerful person in the world. Or of letting insecurities or ill-resolve dissolve this project before I saw any results. But screw that fear. Writing, creating, and strengthening myself through it, despite it, is the point of this, anyway! I listened to MLK’s “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” speech today and I knew I had no more excuses. So I am sorry for my lateness. And I know sorry isn’t enough. But here I am, now writing this, at least.

So. Thank you for reading. Please be in touch and let’s see where writing, hope and bravery take us.